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To raise awareness and support our community through kindness and cookies! We believe that our community is better when we show compassion to one another. We can do this through simple acts of kindness. We work on creating genuine interaction, ones that might not have otherwise happened. We teach and inspire a younger generation to lead with kindness. Through our acts of service we strive to make this world a better place!

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 One cookie at a time…

"My cookie venture began while I was living in NYC. I would bake one batch of cookies a week and package them into individual size bags. Then I would carry them around during my commute and hand them out to the homeless that I ran into. It wasn’t much but taking the minute to talk to each person made me realize why I had to keep baking. We need to remember to always spread love and kindness, especially to the ones who are less fortunate or need a helping hand and a kind smile."

— Molly Brown, Founder

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Nashville musician and baker hands out 'Kindness Cookies' to the homeless.

-News Channel 5 Nashville

Nashville Singer Molly Adele Brown Needs Your Help – To Bake Cookies for the Homeless.

-Grubs and Grooves

Nashville Noise Gets to Know Molly Adele Brown, a Singer with a Big Heart

-Nashville Noise

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